Watching anime that you can relate to and start overthinking , tell me this isn’t only me .Orange made me wonder all the things I’ve done up until now that my ten your old self would regret.If I were to write a letter to my old self showing the right path to life ,the right way I should have done things ,so I would regret as little as possible. Eh ,as if that’s even possible ,but to my old self there’s something I wish I realized earlier….

“You’re better off by yourself than indulging yourself in temporary happiness.”

(P.s. thanks to my sister for recommending this anime to me)

Your old self – Ren


Life ~

After rolling in my bed for almost an hour now I’m failing to fall asleep. I’m so tired, I honestly don’t remember the last time I got decent amount of sleep or rest at that matter ,but then again I don’t remember the last time I felt so unsettling like today.

From breathtaking smiles to heartbreaking sorrows , it was a beautiful journey.

My favourite humans

Totally random but we all met each other be it coincidentally or not in the basketball court. We had training and practiced together.

The group of six, we used to hang out a lot , eat food like pigs,laugh to our hearts extent,talk about movie ,music ,anime & when in trouble helped each other.Those days were my happiest days.Now about my favourite humans ~

Firstly the beautiful human I was in love with ,the one with crazy beautiful eyes ,the gentleman and always making fun of everyone and The chibiest one.

The boyfriend to my lil’ sister (let’s go with that) ,who is stupid at times but lovely person all other times.Also sings really nice .The happy guy.

The brotherly figure to me and nakama to all ,he was our saviour. Now that I think about it if he wasn’t there ,the others wouldn’t have stuck around either.The kind soul

My kawaii little sister.Is very lively ,emotional and sometimes speaks without thinking things through and thanks to that we’ve had great laughs and emotional situations.The warmth.

The “once in a blue moon guy” stopped coming to practice cause he broke his leg , ya no kidding he did.Our future pro photographer.The jabong guy

And theres me I personally think I’m super aggressive and worrier but acc to them I’m wild ,irresponsible,swears a lot ,cool ,free and good heart OKAY THAT WAS A LOT.